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Ein gestörter Atem führt zu einem gestörten Bewusstsein, ein regelmäßiger Atem zu einem ruhigen Bewusstsein. Die beiden gehen Hand in Hand. Darum legt der Yogi wert auf einen regelmäßigen und ruhigen Atem – er beherrscht auf diese Weise sein Bewusstsein und verlängert damit sein Leben.

"Ich ehre den Platz in dir,
in dem das gesamte Universum residiert.
Ich ehre den Platz des Lichts, der Liebe, der Wahrheit, des Friedens und der Weisheit in dir.
Ich ehre den Platz in dir,
wo, wenn du dort bist und auch ich dort bin,
wir beide nur noch eins sind."

    Let’s Stretch & Awaken Our Tight Hamstrings!

So 26 Feb 14:00 - 15:30

We spend a lot of time sitting – sitting at work, sitting while driving, sitting on the couch, sitting to eat, and then laying down to sleep...
Also our love of practicing yoga can turn into a rather frustrating experience every time we become aware of our tight hamstrings and hips. Tightness in these areas can restrict many poses; from the forward bend and downward dog to the lotus pose.
The Asanas which we will learn in this yoga class are not only targeting the backs of the legs, but also increasing flexibility in the lower back and hips - opening those areas also helps to decrease tightness in the hamstrings.
We are practicing with props as blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps which create more space, ease, and peace in the body and mind.
The Class is available to all ages and stages of practice and will be held in german language
After the Yoga Class we can enjoy together a glass of herbal tea, or a fruit juice and some cakes :)
The course fee is € 15 prepayment, including room rate, yoga equipment, tea, drinks and snacks.
After the registration I'll be sending further information with the details to the payment.
Full prepayment at the time of enrollment is required to reserve your space. Registration deadline will be on February 23rd.
We will meet in the yoga studio :) The studio is located in the backyard.
ATTENTION: Please arrive 10-15 minutes earlier, to find a space and prepare yourself....The Yoga Class starts on time!!!
Happy to see you on the mat! Your tighty hammies will thank you! :))

Namaste, Anca :*

Reich der Sinne Health & Wellness Center
Ganghoferstraße 80

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